vertical machine center SV11H 5 AXIS



Model Unit SV-11H 5 Axis
Control CNC controller   Intek/Mitsubishi/Fanuc
Travel X x X-axis/Y x Y-axis/ Z x Z-axis mm 1100/600/600
Table top surface to spindle nose mm 120~720
Linear Guideway type(X/Y/Z) mm 35/45/45 mm (roller type)
Ball screw mm Ø40/Ø40/Ø40
Table Table work surface area (X-axis x Y-axis) Mm 1250 x 600
T-slots (Size x Number x Centre) 18 x 5 x 100
Max. work piece weight Kg 1000
Feed rate Rapid traverse rate X/Y/Z m/min 30/30/24
Cutting feed rate mm 1-10000
Minimum Input increment mm 0.001
Spindle Spindle holder   Belt type /direct- type/ built in type
Spindle motor Kw 7.5K/11 (11/15) kw
Spindle speed Rpm 8000 (10000/12000/15000) rpm
Cooling / Lubrication   Oil/Grease
A.T.C Tool magazine capacity T 20T Armless type /24T Armless type
Armless type tool type   Jaw type 45∘pull stud
Max. tool weight Kg 7
Max. tool length Mm 300
Tool selection   Armless

Model Unit GF-211P/PB
Worktable diameter mm Ø 210
Center bore diameter mm Ø 40H7
Height of table m / min 305
Height of center (vertical) mm 225
Width of T-slot mm 12H7
Width of guide block mm 18
Drive pressure / method Kg/cm2 5-7/Pneumatic
Servo motor type     Rotary Tilt
Fanuc   α4i HF104T
Mitsubishi   HF54T HF104T
Transmission ratio   0.1 0.13
Max. rotation speed min 33.3 22.2
Max. load In horizontal Kg 75
In Tilt (0~90°) kg 50
Resolution deg. 0
Indexing accuracy sec 20" 50"
Repeatability sec 6" 8"
Tilting angle range deg. +30~-120
Net weight (without servo motor) Kg 300
Clamping torque Kg.m 26 30
Allowable wheel torque Kg.m 17