Company Culture / Our future

“High Speed Cutting, High Quality, Express Service, and Customer First” has made SISTER a trusted cutting partner since the founding of SISTER Machine Technology Co., Ltd. in October of 2006.

To help clients increase productivity and maximize their ability to compete, SISTER’s team continuously searches for new technology in the rapid developing Machine Tool Industry and strives to provide top class quality and services.

Management Direction

Among the globally proven Taiwanese Machine Center Tool Manufacturers, SISTER pushes the limit in the realm of high speed machining center and makes another Taiwanese miracle in the Machine Tool Industry.

SISTER takes it as a deep compliment that several customers have made the favorable comparison: SISTER is to Taiwan as Brother is to Japan.

Management Target

Insisting on maintaining the same standard & quality with competitors in the foreign market, SISTER delivers machines of high quality at competitive pricing to help customers reduce cost while increasing profit and is able to win reputation from both domestic & abroad.

A View on future

  • To expand high speed machining market with a reliable specialized brand name, SISTER.
  • To develop new machine models via refined technology & sustained innovation to keep steady growth for SISTER.
  • To provide clients new cutting solutions, fast respond service, and cost saving methods.


  • AM certificate
  • AN certificate
  • AK certificate
  • AV certificate
  • Sister- LVD certificate
  • Sister- MD certificate

National Award