double column machine center SD3020


Optional accessories


Description/Model unit SD-3020
X-axis travel mm 3150
Y-axis travel mm 2300
Z-axis travel mm 800
Distance from spindlenose and to table mm 200-1000
Distance between columns mm 2100
Work table size (L x W) mm 3000x1700
T slot size of worktable mm 22*(picth)210*7
Max.worktable load   7000
Spindle motor HP 20/25 (30/35 Optional)
Spindle speed (GEAR TYPE) rpm 40~4500(6000Optional)
Spindle speen variation   H\L
Spindle taper BT50、(ISO50)
Rapid feed rate (X/Y axis) mm/min 10000 Box Way
Rapid feed rate Z axis   10000 Box Way
Cutting feed speed mm/min 1~5500
FANUC-X.Y.Z.servo motor   α30.α30.α30B
MITSUBISHI-X.Y.Z.servo motor   HA500.300.300
Tool magazine capacity pcs 32(40、60 Optional)
Maximum tool Dia mm 120/250
Maximum tool length mm 350
Maximum tool weight kg 18
Tool selection   Random tool chang system
Tool holder   BT50、(ISO50)
Pull stud   MAS403P50T-1、(45-degree)/DIN69872(optional)
Tool changing time sec 5
Power   50KVA,AC220V,3phase,60Hz
Single spindle pressure kg/cm2 5 above
Hydraulic oil capability Liter 200、(5Hp,more than)
Lubricator oil capability Liter 20
Cutting fluid box capacity Liter 900
Floor space long/mm 9500
Machine W*H(max~Mine) mm 4285x3295/4095(lowest/highest)
Machine net weight kg 25000

Standard accessories

  1. Spindle temperature control system.
  2. Spindle lubrication monitoring device.
  3. Spindle H\L gear box.
  4. Protection mechanism for three axes.
  5. Telescopic cover for X axis.
  6. Centralized automatic lubricating system.
  7. Cutting fluid system.
  8. Cooled water nozzle.
  9. Y axis jabara dust cover.
  1. Foot-paddle automatic tool release switch.
  2. MPG.
  3. Working lamp.
  4. Program ending & warning light.
  5. RS-232 Interface.
  6. Screw type chip conveyor.
  7. Adjustment-use hand tool (one set).
  8. Technique manual.