double column high speed machine center SD1000


Standard Accessories

  1. CE mark electrical parts.
  2. Organ type stainless steel telescopic.
  3. Tool change magazine.
  4. Back flush device.
  5. The second story type filter tank.
  6. built –in spindle.
  7. full cover.
  8. blowing device for spindle.
  9. spindle coolant system.
  10. auto. Lubrication system.
  11. cutting oil coolant device.
  1. water Gun、side–way air blower,work lamp.
  2. MPG.
  4. USB/ CF CARD 2GB.
  5. heat exchange.
  6. auto. power of system+alarm lamp.
  7. basis bolt and adjusting screw.
  8. toolbox / operation manual/maintenance manual.
  9. high speed high accuracy function FTP system.


Model unit SD1000
Control CNC controller   Mitsubishi/Fanuc
Travel X x X-axis/Y x Y-axis/Z x Z-axis mm 1000/800/500
Table top surface to spindle nose mm 110-610
Linear Guideway type (X/Y/Z) mm 55/55/55
Ball screw(X/Y/Z) mm 45/45/45
Table Table work surface area (X-axis x Y-axis)       mm  1150x800
T-Slots (Size x Number x Centre)   T18x5x150
Max. work piece weight Kg 1000
Feed rate Rapid traverse rate X/Y/Z m/min 24/24/24
Cutting feed rate mm 1-15000
Minimum input Increment mm 0.001
Spindle Spindle holder   BT-40/HSK-A63
Spindle motor kw 11/15
Spindle speed rpm Direct drive Type 10000(12000 opt.)
Built in Type
Cooling Lubrication   Oil/grease
A.T.C        Tool magazine capacity T 24
Max. tool weight Kg 7
Max. tool length mm 300
Tool selection   Random
Motors X-axis drive motors kw 3.5
Y-axis drive motors kw 3.5
Z- axis drive motors kw 3.5
Others Power KVA 30
Pneumatic pressure Kg/cm² 6
Cutting pump HP 3/4
Coolant tank capacity L 300
Net weight   9720
Floor space mm 3710x3040x3250