double column(gantry type) high speed machine center SD1085 5 axis


Optional accessories

  1. spindle : 20000/30000rpm.
  2. auto. Chip conveyer.
  3. oil separation.


Item/model unit SD1085 5 axis
Control CNC control   INTEK 675
Spindle motor KW 11KW(15KW,18KW0
Motor of three axis (x.y.z.) KW 3.5/3.5*2/3.5with Break
Taper of spindle   BT40(HSK-A63,HSK-E50)
Spindle Spindle drive   Built-in
Spindle speed RPM 15000(2000,30000)
Table size mm 1100*900
Table T-slot(Width*No.*Pitch) mm T16
Table load KG 1500
Travels Travel for X*Y*Z axis mm 1000*800*500
Distance from Spindle nose to work table mm 150-650
Center of spindle to z-axis slide-way mm 310
Feed rates Rapid feed rate mm/min 20000
Circle cutting accuracy mm 0.01
Cutting feed rate mm/min 20000
Min. resolution mm 0.001
Tool Max. tool length (Diameter) mm 200(32)
Max. tool weight KG 4
ATC tool magazine (arm–less type) T 20(24option)
Power sources Spindle coolant-power/oil capacity Watt /Liter 750/8
Auto. Lubrication system –power/ oil capacity Watt/Liter 220/2
Heating system / hose watt 40*2
Capacity of Cutting fluid box L 180
Compressed air supply Kg/cm2 6
Power kW 25
Weight Machine net weight KG 9300
Machine gross weight KG 9950
Machine size Packing size( L/W/H) cm 3215*2280*2500
Floor Space of machine(L/W/H) ) cm 3330*4110*3020
Item/model unit PAR-350
Table Top Diameter   Ø350
Overall Height in Horizontal mm 470
Center Height in Vertical mm 300
Overall Height in Table mm 300
Overall Length mm 1121
Spindle Hole Diameter mm Ø50H7
Width of T-Slot mm 12H7
Width of Guide Slot mm 18H7
Speed Reduction Speeed   1:90 1:120
Max. Rotation Speed Motor 2000min-1 22.2 16.7
Min. Indexing Unit degree 0.001
Tilting Angle Range degree +30o~-120o
Indexing Accuracy arc/sec 15 45
Repeatiability arc/sec ±3 ±4
Broke Torque Hydraulic 35kg/cm2 112 153
Magwetic Valve   AC110V DC24V
Brakeing   Hydraulic
Max. Loading Horzontd kg 200
Tilt(90kg) kg 100
Permissible Cutting Force Kg-m 30
Net Weight Kg 550

Standard accessories

  1. built –in spindle.
  2. full cover.
  3. blowing device for spindle.
  4. spindle coolant system.
  5. auto. Lubrication system.
  6. cutting oil coolant device.
  7. water Gun、side–way air blower,work lamp.
  8. hand-on type operation box / 26PIN hand wheel.
  1. USB.
  2. heating box.
  3. auto. power of system+alarm lamp.
  4. basis bolt and adjusting screw.
  5. toolbox / operation manual/maintenance manual.
  6. high speed high accuracy function FTP system.