vertical machine center SV8H 5axis

SV8H 5axis Vertical Machine Center


Model Unit SV8H 5axis
Worktable diameter mm  Ø 210
Center bore diameter mm  Ø 65H7
Height of center (vertical) mm  210
Width of T-slot       mm 12H7
Max. loading capacity   100Kg(In horizontal) /70Kg(In tilt)
Axis   Rotary Tilt
Transmission ratio   1:90 1:90
Max table speed   33.3 22.2
Resolution deg. 0.001
Indexing accuracy sec 20” 60”       
Repeatability  sec 6"    8"
Tilting angle range deg. +30°~-120°
Clamping torque    Kg.m 40Kg-m 60Kg-m
Allowable cutting torque      Kg.m 25kg-m
Pne pressure   5-7kgf/cm²
The model of encoder   RCN series ±5
Indexing accuracy (encoder)   10” 20”
Repeatability ( encoder)   4” 4”